How to Use Human Design in Your Business with Victoria Jane

Have you heard of Human Design? It's more than just a meme-worthy, woo heavy craze that's shown up in the online business space.

I met Victoria Jane in January. In November, I'd started learning more about my Human Design type (I'm a 6/3 Projector!), and I had questions.

Did I really have to wait for the invitation? How the f*ck do you do that when it comes to running a business? Dating? LIFE?!?!

Meeting Victoria was an instant connection and I knew I had to *invite* her (lol she is also a Projector) to be a guest on the podcast.

Episode show notes

Lookup your Human Design chart - this is how you'll know your HD type! HIGHLY recommended if you're listening to this episode and aren't sure what you are.

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