Behind the Scenes of the Trademark Process

Did you know...that just because you have your IG handle or website URL does NOT mean you own the rights to your business name?

On this week's episode, I'm talking through my experience (chaos? adventure?) of trademarking my business name and mission statement.

When I first started out, I knew NOTHING about trademarking. All I can say is that this is not something to sleep on, y'all. Keep an eye on it and start sooner rather than later.

I'll tell you what happened to me in this week's episode.

P.S. Disclaimer: I am not an attorney, and what I share in this episode is my own experience and understanding. I HIGHLY recommend consulting with an actual trademark attorney if you find yourself in a similar pickle.

If you need a recommendation, DM on Instagram and I'll give you my attorney's contact info. He is a literal angel life saver.

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