"[PSQ]'s patient fees are up 29% and this is during COVID, so that's impressive. Their longer term forecast is going from 109 centres to about 250... this is a buy" - David Novac

Francesco De Stradis from Ord Minnett and David Novac from Wealthwise Education go in-depth and stock specific. Stocks covered: CL1, JHC, PSQ, INR, SLC, BKW, WOR, OTW, EXP, CRW. Our stock of the day is Transurban (TCL).

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  1. 59:05"I would buy a little bit of [AD8] right now - but with caution and a long term view" - Claude WalkerOct 15, 2021
  2. 56:21"If you're looking for a defensive stock in your SMSF I'd be happy to buy [ING] here" - Carl CapolinguaOct 14, 2021
  3. 56:00"[CUV] is up 42% per annum over the last five years compared to the market which is only up 10% per annum. It is a buy" - Andrew WielandtOct 13, 2021
  4. 56:01"I think [WTC] is a long term winner... You need a cast-iron-stomach to buy it but I think its a market beater " - Scott PhillipsOct 12, 2021
  5. 55:45"I think there is a great team and a great idea here for me. You need to be patient, but long term holders will do very well from [TGP]. Its a buy" - Gaurav SodhiOct 11, 2021
  6. 55:59I think [MGR] is a quality asset with an M&A tilt to it given the quality of its portfolio. Its a buy" - Jun Bei LiuOct 08, 2021
  7. 57:23[HT1] is probably not one you put in your bottom drawer and hold forever, but at current prices it looks interesting.Oct 07, 2021
  8. 54:35"If we are moving into a period of a bit of volatility, you probably want some consumer staples in your portfolio and [BGA] ticks that box. Its a buy" - Andrew WielandtOct 06, 2021
  9. 54:59"In a market where its pretty hard to find value, [AX1] is probably one to have a look at. I think there is some value here, its a buy from me" - Gary GloverOct 05, 2021
  10. 56:25"[CXL] is just under a $850 million market cap at the moment, we think it can get to $2 billion. The company has a huge growth runway, its a great business and fits a lot of those key thematics" - Adam DawesOct 04, 2021