If you'd like exposure to [industrial] property, GMG is the place to be. Its a buy from our experts.

Jun Bei Liu from Tribeca Investment Partners and Adam Dawes from Shaw and Partners go in-depth and stock-specific. Stocks: STO, WZR, KGN, GMG, QAN, PPH, PTM, BTH, CLW, MIN. The stock of the day is DroneShield (DRO).


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  1. 56:33"Core Lithium has some good potential but it's had a higgledy-piggledy performance" - Henry JenningsJul 28, 2021
  2. 56:18"Do I think [CCP] is going to be a wealth winner going forward as it has been in the past? Yes" - Howard ColemanJul 27, 2021
  3. 54:04"I'd look for some kind of consolidation with [LYC] and hopefully a pullback, then I would pick up a small amount - Rob CorlettJul 26, 2021
  4. 57:15"[OCL] is a cracking stock... this is actually a proper high-quality ASX listed businesses - I'm not selling" - Claude WalkerJul 23, 2021
  5. 54:06"If you're going to build a portfolio of 15 to 20 stocks to hold [ALX] wouldn't be one of them for me" - James RosenbergJul 22, 2021
  6. 57:29"I'd say [BET] is a spec buy - as they are doing a lot of good things and we like the fact that they are a tech business in the betting space" - Michael WayneJul 21, 2021
  7. 56:15"[HUM] is a shocker. Its a bit like the gates opened, the horses have all bolted and Humm is still standing there - its too late" - Mark MorelandJul 20, 2021
  8. 57:52"If you like [AVH], you like the management and where they are headed - this is a long term high-risk growth story" - Mathan SomasundaramJul 19, 2021
  9. 54:02"[ARX] is a company that will significantly increase in value... as it grows it's product range it will certainly be life-changing" - Jun Bei LuJul 16, 2021
  10. 57:02"Biotech are companies we usually avoid like the plague... but in the spirit of changing lives [PAR] is one I think could do it" - Ben ClarkJul 15, 2021