Emma Sayle: Sex parties, funding and building a business bigger than its stigma

We sat down for a conversation with Emma Sayle. In 2005, Emma founded a global events business that aims to sexually empower and liberate women, now Killing Kittens has over 180,000 members worldwide. She has also started Safedate, a safe dating app, and the Sisterhood Group, a group of women that take part in sports adventures and challenges. 

Here's what we discussed:

  • What is Killing Kittens? (00:46)
  • What can someone expect to happen at a KK event? (01:27)
  • What motivated you to create Killing Kittens? (03:00)
  • Why is it called Killing Kittens? (05:19)
  • You mentioned you started the business because you had a strong sense of injustice. Why did you start with parties? (05:56)
  • What were the first KK events like? (07:42)
  • Are you involved in the tech side of the business? (12:07)
  • What was it like starting a business like Killing Kittens in 2005? (13:26)
  • How did you find raising funding for a busines s as heavily stigmatised as Killing Kittens? (16:35)
  • How did you find the experience of fund raising? (17:42)
  • How did the #MeToo movement impact Killing Kittens? And you on a personal level? (23:03)
  • How can women feel sexually empowered without feeling judged by people? (27:36)
  • How important is sex education? Is there adequate sex education? (30:18)
  • Can another counter culture like in the 60s actually be created again? (32:33)
  • From your perspective, what makes a great business leader? (34:10)

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