Weekend extra: ROBERT MAXWELL’s cash from chaos

Bully, liar, tyrant, fantasist, thief on a monumental scale – just ask the Mirror pensioners – and narcissist of an even greater magnitude, Robert Maxwell was a villain for whom the term “disgraced newspaper tycoon” seems pitifully small. Yet as former Evening Standard and Telegraph journalist John Preston’s new book Fall: The Mystery Of Robert Maxwell shows, the horror of Maxwell’s early life explains (if not excuses) the monster he became. How did Maxwell fool, and then fleece, the publishing world? 

  • If you worked in Fleet Street in the 80s there was no escaping Maxwell…”
  • “You have to seen Maxwell through the prism of what happened to his family in the Holocaust. There was enormous rage and guilt there.”
  • “Robert Maxwell was gripped by a simultaneous desire to sit at the top table, and also to kill everyone else at that top table.”
  • “Maxwell was both ridiculed and feared, often by the same people.”

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