There’s something RIGHT with human nature, says historian Rutger Bregman

There’s only one problem with the widely-held belief that humans are fundamentally amoral and selfish, says Dutch historian RUTGER BREGMAN: it’s rubbish. His new book Humankind: A Hopeful History argues that the record shows humanity’s superpower is its unique aptitude for altruism and co-operation. He tells Andrew Harrison why everything from Lord Of The Flies to the story of the Blitz is teaching us to draw the wrong conclusions about the human race – and explains who benefits from spreading the myth of human selfishness.

  • “Catastrophes bring out the best in people”
  • “Individual humans are not all that smart or strong – but we can cooperate on the level no other species can match.”
  • “The idea that most people are pretty decent is actually a revolutionary idea.”
  • “Cynicism is a form of laziness.

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