SUPER LEAGUE OF SLEAZE – Start Your Week with Naomi Smith

As the sleaze scandal spreads, will the rising tide of corruption start lapping at Boris Johnson’s feet? Beer Garden Britain thinks COVID is done but as cases rise alarmingly in India and Brazil, will we need to think again? Alexei Navalny faces death in prison for opposing Putin. And will that revolting European Super League actually kill football? Naomi Smith is here to start your week. 

  • We need to stop calling this chumocracy, and start calling it corruption.”
  • The football terraces could be somewhere we can begin to win the culture war.”
  • Johnson is the master of Teflon. Hes deflected this onto the mandarins.”

Presented and produced by Andrew Harrison. Assistant producers Jelena Sofronijevic and Jacob Archbold. Music by Kenny Dickinson. Audio production by Alex Rees. THE BUNKER is a Podmasters Production


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