Red Wall, Red Wedding: IAN DUNT starts your week

How will Labour’s post-election Hell Weekend and the sacking-not-sacking of Angela Rayner play out this week? How badly is Starmer damaged? And what sort of a Queen’s Speech can we expect from a Government that has no reason to fear opposition? IAN DUNT ruins… sorry, starts your week. 

• “Starmer has come out of these elections absolutely savaged.” 

• “If you’re an urban voter, it looks like Labour is almost embarrassed of your support.” 

• “Voter ID is pure voter suppression. There are many problems in this country, but voter fraud is not one of them.” 

Presented and produced by Andrew Harrison. Assistant producers Jelena Sofronijevic and Jacob Archbold. Music by Kenny Dickinson. Audio production by Alex Rees. THE BUNKER is a Podmasters Production


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