EXTRA: The DANIEL MORGAN murder scandal - with David Allen Green

Daniel Morgan’s murder in 1987 exposed a toxic nexus between the police, private investigators, and top politicians. And over thirty years later, Priti Patel is putting her foot down on the release of the public report. Friend of the podcast and Financial Times columnist David Allen Green joins Alex Andreou to join the dots between cabinet and cop corruption, and why the Home Office’s excuses nothing but “codswallop”…

"The police, private investigators, and government have all worked together since 1987."

"Each of the parties involved had an ultimate weapon."

"The Home Office had three motivations - delay, forewarn, retract."

"The report could reveal that this goes far into the Met, and very far into Fleet Street and private industry."

"This is the Home Secretary trying to bully an independent panel."

"This is just government intolerance of anyone outside of the central government having power."

"Conspiracies are used to cover cock-ups…the Home Office just did not like the idea of learning about this at the same time as everyone else."

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