Daily: Turning misogyny into terror

A poisonous online culture of misogyny is radicalising young men to hate women – producing terrifying consequences from routine rape and death threats against female politicians to actual violence and murder. Author of Men Who Hate Women and founder of the Everyday Sexism project Laura Bates posed as a young boy to infiltrate these online worlds and discover how they groom kids as young as 11 into misogyny. She tells Naomi Smith how the paranoid worlds of Men’s Rights Activists, Incels and “MGTOW”s create a conveyor belt to the extreme right – and what we have to do about this growing threat.

  • “This is terrorism. We just don’t call it that because the victims are women”
  • “You can trace the paths of men who made their name through GamerGate to the extreme right.”
  • “We need to give young men a sense of purpose and value in the real world so they don’t get it from these extremist digital communities.”

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