Daily: THE MURDER OF FOOTBALL – Inside the Superleague scandal

THIS PODCAST WAS RECORDED BEFORE CHELSEA AND MAN CITY LEFT THE COMPETITION: English football clubs triggered shockwaves of revulsion at the weekend when they announced their plans to join a €4bn breakaway ‘Super League’. Is the plan starting to crack, and can English football be saved? The man who broke the story, Chief Sports Reporter for The Times Martyn Ziegler, tells Andrew Harrison how a greed-fuelled vanity project came about, why the owners are unwise to discount “legacy fans”, and if there’s anything fans can do to stop it.  

  • “This has gone beyond sabre rattling, this is civil war”
  • “These owners simply don’t care about the tradition and community that surrounds their football clubs”
  • “There is no doubt that the clubs have been taken aback by the reaction from fans, the media and even politicians”
  • “The Premier League’s success is built on the fact that Leicester can win the title, and ‘Super League’ clubs can have a bad season”
  • “In 30 years of reporting on sport I have never known the Government behave like this towards football”

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