Daily: THE EMPIRE, STRUCK BACK – Prof Kehinde Andrews on Britain’s race reckoning

When there’s a “heated debate” about racism on Good Morning Britain, you’ll often see Kehinde Andrews, Professor of Black Studies at Birmingham City University, tussling with Toby Young and Nigel Farage and bringing uncomfortable arguments about white supremacy into Middle England’s living rooms. What does he get from it? He talks to Jude Rogers about the Sewell Report, his book The New Age Of Empire: How Racism and Colonialism Still Rule The World and the value of being the “bad black guy who gets invited on TV to wind up the Daily Mail.” 

  • “This is the most diverse cabinet, yet racist government of my lifetime.”
  • “I can say things on Good Morning Britain that I can’t say in The Guardian.”
  • “The reason why people love the Monarchy and the British Empire is that they don’t really understand what it is.”
  • “The problem isn’t that black people don’t trust the police. The problem is the police.”
  • “A culture war is going to happen whether I’m on TV or not.”
  • “Diversity doesn’t mean that racism is over. The British Empire couldn’t have functioned without countless black and brown people helping to administer it.” 

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