Daily: The ARAB SPRING ten years on

“Rarely have people sacrificed so much for so little.” The great uprisings across the Arab world in 2010-12 began in hope and ended in bitter disappointment, with hardline rule strengthened in many Arab countries. On the tenth anniversary of the event that began the Arab Spring, the overthrow of the Tunisian government, we talk to two experts – journalist for the BBC, Vice and LA Times Zahra Hankir and Khaled Diab, author of Islam For The Politically Incorrect – about what this great rebellion really achieved, how the pandemic has shown the weakness of these supposed strong regimes, and where the spirit of the Arab Spring could rise again.  

  • “When people say the Arab Spring ‘failed’, it’s just a way to take the thunder out of the idea that people can make change happen.” – Khaled Diab
  • “The Arab Spring is not done, as long as people and activists are still trying to make change happen. That spirit is still alive.” – Zahra Hankir
  • “In the Arab world, it’s not the people who don’t get democracy – it’s the leaders.” – Khaled Diab
  • “They couldn’t kill the idea, so they locked up or silenced everyone who advocated that idea.” – Khaled Diab

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