Daily: LITTLE ENGLAND vs GLOBAL BRITAIN – with ex-ambassador Peter Westmacott

Just how global can Britain be if we’re becoming ever-more insular after Brexit? Naomi Smith talks to Peter Westmacott, former ambassador to Turkey, France and the USA, about the hidden prejudices that influence international relations, whether the advent of Biden will turn back the tide of populist nationalism, and his new book They Call It Diplomacy

  • “A French colleague once asked me point-blank, Why do you English hate us so much? I don’t believe we do – but there is definitely a Little Englander mindset.” 
  • “There was an old Iranian joke that if you hold up Khomeini’s beard you’d see MADE IN ENGLAND underneath.” 
  • “Leaving the EU was never a legitimate way of dealing with immigration from places outside the EU.”
  • “I remember saying Be very careful when you call a referendum because you might get an answer that’s nothing to do with the question on the ballot papers.”

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