Daily: Life after Mutti? GERMANY’s post-Merkel future

After an initial COVID response that was lauded as an example to the world, Germany has experienced an unexpectedly harsh second wave. What will that mean for the twilight of the Merkel Era? Is Germany’s strange opposition coalition of libertarians, alt.rightists and anti-vaxxers just fringe politics or something more serious? And what comes after Merkel? The Economist’s Berlin bureau chief Tom Nuttall explains all to Justin Quirk. 

  • When the COVID numbers are totted up, Germany will still turn out to be one of the places in Europe where you wanted to be”
  • “When the pandemic hit, support for Merkel’s Christian Democrats shot up.”
  • “The Green Party in Germany really wants power. It craves it. And it’s positioned itself very much as a centrist party.”
  • “The big question is, how big is the Merkel Bonus for the CDU?”

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