Daily: How Britain’s Wolf of Wall Street crashed and burned

What kind of person crashes a £3.6bn business, shattering the life savings of 400,000 people? When Britain’s most famous fund manager Neil Woodford went down in flames in 2019 it was a personal humiliation for a “rock star investor” that the City thought was infallible. Owen Walker, the FT’s European Banking Correspondent and author of Built On A Lie: The Rise And Fall Of Neil Woodford And The Fate Of Middle England’s Money tells Andrew Harrison how Woodford’s arrogance lost his clients millions – and asks whether the City has learned any lessons from the debacle.

  • “This was a guy who could get the biggest CEOs to do his bidding”
  • “Journalists loved Woodford. They could create stories around him. And yes, they’re to blame for hyping him up”
  • “When Woodford rang up, even major CEOs would take a seat and prepare for a rollicking”

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