Daily: ETON ALIVE – Being black among Britain’s elite

What is it like being one of the few black people at Eton and Oxford? And what do they actual teach our future rulers? Musa Okwonga is the author One of Them: An Eton College Memoir, and host of the Stadio football podcast. He talks to Alex Andreou about imperial pride in private schools, why Brexit led him to move to “the heart of Europe”, and whether Spurs will make it to the Champions League…

  • “MPs would learn more about the world by getting off the train one stop earlier, not going on a gap year.”
  • “Schtick only works when people buy into it.” 
  • “It’s easier to name Henry VIII’s six wives than the six biggest colonial massacres.”
  • “A lot of the people at Eton didn’t know black people. I felt like I was representing all black people.”
  • “Eton is the kind of school where you can be a kind of Gatsby.”

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