Daily: ED MILIBAND – “Big forces not bacon sandwiches decide elections”

Former Labour leader Ed Miliband has reinvented himself since 2015 as a podcaster with his hit series Reasons To Be Cheerful, and re-entered frontbencher politics as Shadow Business Secretary. But he has big ideas. He talks to Dorian Lynskey about his new book Go Big: How To Fix Our World, why the real issues that shape the future are bigger than Westminster, plus the “Preston Revolution”, the future roads that Labour should take… and his encyclopaedic knowledge of (wait for it) Dallas

  • “COVID showed that our institutions and the way our country is run is so at odds with who we are as a people.”
  • “As Labour leader you’re constantly thinking, is what I say going to blow up into a story? I think I was too cautious.” 
  • “Brexit was a big idea. You can say it wasn’t the RIGHT idea. But people responded to it. People do want big change.” 

Presented by Dorian Lynskey. Produced by Andrew Harrison. Assistant producers Jacob Archbold and Jelena Sofronijevic. Music by Kenny Dickinson. Audio production by Alex Rees. THE BUNKER is a Podmasters Production

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