Daily: Donald Trump – The Final Word with Mary Trump

On the last day of Donald Trump’s warped presidency, his niece Mary Trump – psychologist and author of Too Much And Never Enough: How My Family Created The World’s Most Dangerous Man – reflects on the making of a man who impressed his psychopathologies on a nation. How does a person get like this? What is it like when a family member places the entire world in peril? And could a defeated Trump represent an even worse danger to American democracy?

  • “For the first time in his life he can’t spin a loss into a win. And it’s driving him crazy.”
  • “At a very deep level, Donald knows he’s never been truly successful and has no skills.”
  • “When Donald was elected I knew he would do to my country what he and his father had done to my family.”
  • “What shocks me is that there are people on this planet who are weaker than Donald. I didn’t think that was possible”
  • “In the election, if he was going down, he would try to take the rest of us with him. And that’s exactly what he did.”
  • “Failure to live up Fred Trump’s demands got you destroyed. And that’s what happened to my dad.”
  • “If the cameras disappear, Donald ceases to exist.” 

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