Daily: CATCH A DRAGON BY ITS TAIL – China’s money, Britain’s folly

Cameron and Osborne’s “Golden Era” of cosying up to China turned out to be a golden error, as Beijing dug deep into British life, politics, and technology. Investigative journalist Sam Dunning tells Arthur Snell how the Conservatives’ strings-free get-rich-quick strategy turned into a trap for British business and academia. While the Tories trumpet free speech on campus, students who want talk about the Uyghurs are being silenced at Jesus College Cambridge. Is it too late to curb China’s disturbing influence at the highest levels of British life?

  • “For Osborne, the Golden Era was seen a problem-free get-rich-quick-scheme for Britain after the economic crash.” 
  • “How can a Chinese student in the UK contest what’s happening in Hong Kong when Chinese ambassadors are attending university events?”
  • “Huawei is creating surveillance in China that’s beyond Orwellian. Jesus College just received money from them to publish a paper on global governance.”
  • “Even if Johnson did have a roadmap for our relations with China, he’d probably steer off and crash into a tree.

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