Daily: A STAGGERING INJUSTICE – Inside the Post Office scandal

The wrongful conviction of hundreds of subpostmasters for false accounting was so shocking that even Boris Johnson as called it one of the biggest miscarriages of justice in our history. Why did Post Office management cover up the truth about its flawed software, even after innocent people went to prison? As the Government sets aside £233m in interim compensation, criminal law expert Dr Hannah Quirk untangles a Kafkaesque nightmare that led innocent people to be ruined, jailed, shamed and pushed to suicide. Could anything stop something like this from happening again?


  • “Many innocent people pleaded guilty in the hope of avoiding prison.”
  • “The Post Office knew there were flaws in its system. They hid that evidence from people they knew were wrongfully convicted.”
  • “You can imagine the terror people felt of being imprisoned for crimes they did not commit.”
  • “Somehow it didn’t occur to anyone that hundreds of corrupt subpostmasters were coming to light where previously there were none.”

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