Bonus: JOHN CURTICE on politics after the pandemic

In a special extra edition we ask, what will our politics be like after COVID (eventually) lifts? Will we find, like in 1945, that suddenly everything has changed? John Curtice, politics professor at Strathclyde University and senior fellow at think tank UK in a Changing Europe, tells Naomi Smith about the new economic consensus that could emerge from the post-Corona wreckage; how Labour should differentiate themselves from the Tories in a radically changed country; and whether education, welfare and the governance of the country itself could be transformed. 

  • “Johnson is a meddler, an intervener, he wants to use the power of the state to get things done” 
  • “Do not presume that COVID is going to change attitudes”
  • “The arrival of Boris Johnson as Prime Minister marked the end of the neoliberal project in Britain”
  • “There are plenty of centre-right voters in Scotland, they just don’t necessarily vote for the Conservatives”

Presented by Naomi Smith. Produced by Andrew Harrison. Assistant producers Jacob Archbold and Jelena Sofronijevic. Music by Kenny Dickinson. Audio production by Alex Rees. THE BUNKER is a Podmasters Production


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