Bunker Gold: The Last Supper – Is this the end for restaurants?

Listen back to an archive Bunker from Jan 2022. London’s restaurants are now closing at nearly the double the normal rate as rising VAT, rent, and energy costs add to the weight of COVID, post-Brexit labour issues and supply chain shortages. Corey Mintz, author of The Next Supper, and Eater London’s Adam Coghlan joined Jelena Sofronijevic to chew on why haute cuisine is cooling off, whether takeaway food is really so democratic…and if COVID has called time on the all-you-can-eat buffet. 

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“Restaurants were told to diversify and prepare themselves for the rise of takeaways. But they didn't until the pandemic.” - Corey Mintz

“The major delivery companies in the UK are neither economically nor environmentally sustainable.” - Corey Mintz

“Today I discovered, ordered, and ate the food from a new restaurant within 30 minutes. Once you've tasted that, you can't go back.” - Adam Coghlan

“If you hired an architect to build a restaurant today, they'd ask you where you'd like the Instagram wall.” - Corey Mintz

“The £6k given to restaurants which closed over Christmas was mere chicken feed.” - Adam Coghlan


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