It Ain’t Easy Being Green – Weekly Edition

As Sunak and Truss argue over cutting taxes, what about emissions? Madeleine Cuff, i’s environment correspondent joins us to pick apart the pair’s climate credentials. Do they have any? Plus, healthcare commentator Roy Lilley takes us through what you need to know about the state of the NHS staffing crisis. And, as spiders are reanimated in an experiment akin to a David Cronenberg movie, we ask… why?

"The NHS has the biggest carbon footprint of any institution in Europe." - Roy Lilley
"15% of the UK population takes 70% of its flights." - Madeleine Cuff
“We should frame environmentalism as the militant wing of the National Trust” - Justin Quirk
"Truss and Sunak's campaigns are simply fantasy island economics." - Justin Quirk
​​"It’s really macabre. Some of the language around the utility of the spiders is quite stomach churning. They say they can get about a thousand 'repetitions' out of the carcass." - Madeleine Cuff 

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Written and presented by Andrew Harrison with Arthur Snell and Justin Quirk. Producers: Jacob Archbold and Jelena Sofronijevic . Assistant producer Kasia Tomasiewicz. Music by Kenny Dickinson. Audio production by Alex Rees. Lead producer: Jacob Jarvis. Group Editor: Andrew Harrison. The Bunker is a Podmasters production
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