Case For the Prosecco-tion

As the Prime Minister is caught red wine handed, we discuss the crises facing Britain alongside the partygate furore. We unpack the further issues looming as the cost of living situation goes from bad to worse. Is there an end in sight? Plus, why do we still pay so much attention to newspaper front pages? Lord Peter Ricketts, former national security adviser and ambassador to France, is this week’s guest. 

“I don’t know why you would bring someone along to photograph your crime.” – Ahir Shah 

“The only reason I can see for the Government not introducing a windfall tax is that it’s Labour’s idea.” – Ahir Shah 

“It’s always popular with the Tory right to cut the Civil Service.” – Peter Ricketts

“There’s one person who sets the culture in Government and that’s the Prime Minister.” – Peter Ricketts 

“The world is beset with a whole series of different crises.” – Peter Ricketts

“Those who are going to carry the blame for this are the civil servants, they’ve been lined up as scapegoats here.” – Peter Ricketts 

“We’ve got a very rocky few years ahead.” – Peter Ricketts 

“The frontpage is a news outlet's way of signalling to its readers what they should be paying attention to.” – Yasmeen Serhan
Presented by Andrew Harrison with Ahir Shah and Yasmeen Serhan. Group Editor: Andrew Harrison. Lead Producer: Jacob Jarvis. Producers: Jacob Archbold, Jelena Sofronijevic and Alex Rees, with research by Elina Ganatra. Music by Kenny Dickinson. Audio production by Alex Rees. The Bunker is a Podmasters Production.
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