NATO: It’s Scandinavian For Value – Start Your Week with Yasmeen Serhan

As Finland and Sweden look to join Nato, we unpack the latest from Ukraine as Putin faces consequences for his invasion. How will the Russian leader react amid signs of defeat? Then at home, we discuss the latest Brexit wranglings over the Northern Ireland protocol. Plus, questions of Keir Starmer’s leadership persist. Is he really in trouble? Ros Taylor is joined by Yasmeen Serhan to tee up the week ahead, and glance back at the weekend’s Eurovision contest. 

“Ukraine has exceeded people’s wildest expectations.” – Yasmeen Serhan 

“Putin has created a larger and more attractive NATO.” – Yasmeen Serhan 

“With the protocol it feels like we are back in 2019 again.” – Yasmeen Serhan

“I was primed for the UK to not win any points because that’s what I’d been told always happens.” – Yasmeen Serhan 

Presented by Ros Taylor with Yasmeen Serhan. Producers: Jacob Archbold, Jelena Sofronijevic and Alex Rees. Music by Kenny Dickinson. Audio production: Jade Bailey. Lead Producer: Jacob Jarvis. Group Editor: Andrew Harrison. THE BUNKER is a Podmasters Production
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