Election: Why France’s Far Right Isn’t Beaten Yet

Emmanuel Macron may have defeated Marine Le Pen – but that doesn’t mean France’s far right is finished. Where is the nation headed now? Emile Chabal, author of France, dials in from the country’s south to talk to Ros Taylor about why some Brits are so fascinated by the French President, what’s next for his defeated rivals, and what became of the gilet jaunes protests. 

“I struggle to imagine a far right in France that isn't attached to the name Le Pen.” 

“The gilets jaunes movement has evaporated.” 

“The French are very demanding when it comes to their politicians.” 

“It's better to think of Mélenchon as a unity left figure, despite himself.” 


Written and presented by Ros Taylor. Group Editor: Andrew Harrison. Lead Producer: Jacob Jarvis Producers: Jacob Archbold and Jelena Sofronijevic. Audio production by Jade Bailey. THE BUNKER is a Podmasters Production

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