You’ve Got Blackmail

As we await Sue Gray’s report, the scandals continue to pile up for the Government. With allegations of blackmail and Islamophobia over the weekend, how will this play out for Number 10? Also, as Russian troops amass on the Ukrainian border, are we about to see the first ground war in Europe since 1945? And with Jeff Bezos ploughing money into a new anti-ageing start up, does our panel really want to be forever young?

“Nadine Dorries, who has eaten ostrich anus on TV, has accused Wragg of attention-seeking. The jokes write themselves.” – Alex Andreou

“The 2019 intake have been compared to untrained puppies pissing on the carpet.” – Marie Le Conte

“I was speaking to someone connected to the ERG today, and they said Johnson will be gone by the end of the week.” – Emma Kennedy

“There are shades of Trump with Boris Johnson.” – Emma Kennedy

Presented by Alex Andreou with Gavin Esler and Marie Le Conte. Group Editor: Andrew Harrison. Lead Producer: Jacob Jarvis. Producers: Jacob Archbold and Jelena Sofronijevic. Music by Kenny Dickinson. Audio production by Alex Rees. The Bunker is a Podmasters Production
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