Roe Dies, America Divides – Start Your Week with Naomi Smith and Justin Quirk

As the US Supreme Court strikes down abortion rights, what does the ruling mean for women in America? The fallout from last week’s by-elections and rail strikes continue, where next for the Tories? And G7 leaders meet in Germany this week, with Ukraine, climate change and food security on the agenda. Justin Quirk is joined by Naomi Smith to set up the week ahead.

“Abortion access being limited doesn’t stop abortions, it stops safe abortions.” - Naomi Smith

“The right to abortion now sits with state legislators.” - Naomi Smith

“Johnson will cling on, it now depends on if the cabinet move.” - Naomi Smith

“400 million people rely on Ukrainian food supplies, the world will not see an end to rising prices any time soon.” - Naomi Smith 

Presented by Justin Quirk with Naomi Smith. Producers: Jacob Archbold, Jelena Sofronijevic and Alex Rees. Music by Kenny Dickinson. Audio production: Jade Bailey. Lead Producer: Jacob Jarvis. Group Editor: Andrew Harrison. THE BUNKER is a Podmasters Production
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