“A Season Of Insanity”: Republicans against Trump

As America faces the dire prospect of a Trump second term, the hardest-hitting, most brutal and effective anti-Trump ads come from the rebel Republicans of Super PAC the Lincoln Project. Former George W Bush and John McCain strategist Steve Schmidt of The Lincoln Project joins us to explain the scale of the stakes, the depths of Trump’s betrayal, and what British listeners can do to unseat America’s worst president. Plus, fun with cancel culture! Ayesha Hazarika and Alex Andreou join Andrew Harrison for this week’s full-length Bunker roundtable. 

  • “In a choice between a sociopath and a socialist, in America the sociopath is going to win seven days a week.”
  • “We have gone full Banana Republic in the US in the past four years.”
  • “Democracies can’t flourish when the truth and a lie are indistinguishable.”
  • “It took 240 years to discover the design flaw in the American system.”
  • “Grievance is the high-octane fuel of Trumpism. No grievance, no Trumpism.”

Produced by Andrew Harrison. Script and assistant production by Jacob Archbold. Music by Kenny Dickenson. Logo and artwork by Mark Taylor. Audio production by Robin Leeburn. THE BUNKER is a Podmasters production


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