S2 Ep8: The Maddest Transfers of the 2000s: Figo, Faubert, Tevez, Masch & More

Rich Williams, Mark Holmes and Pete Farries are joined by former footballer turned broadcaster Martin Gritton to remember some of the maddest transfers of the 2000s.

From the ones that made you say WTF? to those that were just plain dodgy, the lads chat Figo, Faubert, Goram and, along with many others, Tevez and Mascherano.

With Corona Virus keeping everyone home, The Broken Metatarsal will be taking a (hopefully) short break, and will be back with you later in the year.


  • Intro

  • Fantasy Draft Winner 1m 19s

  • Why Transfer Deals? 2m 48s

  • What it’s like being part of a transfer 3m 41s

  • Some ‘What the F***?’ Signings 6m 1s

  • Julien Faubert 6m 40s

  • Tyrone Mears 8m 23s

  • Christophe Dugarry 9m 37s

  • How important is a manager to a move? 11m 25s

  • Andy Goram 12m 20s

  • ‘That’ amazing Bolton Team 13m 05s

  • Edgar Davids and Barnet 15m 29s

  • Dodgier Signings 17m 40s

  • The Man City Thai Signings 17m 47s

  • Michael Ball on the arrival of the Thai Players (Interview Clip) 18m 56s

  • Bebe 20m 58s

  • John Obi Mikel 22m

  • Tevez and Mascherano 23m 15s

  • Tevez’s Translator 24m 20s

  • Paul Konchesky talks West Ham when Tevez and Mascherano arrived 27m 38s

  • Mad signings at our clubs, starting with Roque Junior 31m

  • Who our maddest signings are 37m

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