S2 Ep6: A 2000s Premier League Dream Team Draft

For obvious reasons, we can't get to the studio at the moment. But the show must go on so we bring you this week's episode from the comfort living hell of our bedrooms.

Rich Williams, Mark Holmes, Rob Conlon and Pete Farries are all on their phones to fight it out for their favourite 2000s players as we each attempt to name a Dream Premier League XI from the decade.

It's a draft format so everyone gets their turn to pick first - and last - leading to some pretty surprising batshit mental selections. To put it into perspective, eight strikers are picked and none of them are Ruud van Nistelrooy, Didier Drogba or Michael Owen.

Listen to our teams, then send in yours (along with any abuse) on Twitter @planetfutebol


Home Locations - 30s

The rules - 2m 11s

Striker #1 - 3m 09s

Left-back - 6m 15s

Centre mid #1 - 8m 17s

Centre-back #1 - 11m

Right-back - 13m 30s

Keeper - 17m

Left wing - 20m 40s

Centre-back #2 - 24m 20s

Centre mid #2 - 27m 45s

Right wing - 30m 10s

Striker #2 - 34m 16s

Final line-Ups - 38m 40s

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