Quick Cut: S2E165 Dave Ramsey: How to be Good with Money

Dave Ramsey has been helping people to take control of money, build wealth and enhance their lives for over three decades. In this episode, Brian interviews the bestselling author and host of The Ramsey Show about his new book, “Baby Steps Millionaires.” Dave shares why, despite a pessimistic cultural narrative, anyone can become a millionaire if they take the right steps.   



·     The reason he felt compelled to write the book.

·     The steps to take to become a millionaire.

·     The investments he personally recommends.




“Baby Steps Millionaires,” by Dave Ramsey




“If you help enough people, you don't have to worry about money.” – Dave Ramsey 

“I started out because I want to get people out of debt so that they can become wealthy, so that they can change their family tree, so that they can be outrageously generous.”  Dave Ramsey


“If you're driven by one of two things you're going to make mistakes: greed or fear.” – Dave Ramsey 


“You don't get a pass on math based on where you live; you still have to be able to afford the payment.” – Dave Ramsey


“Get in the housing game but do it with wisdom and do it with a pace that makes sense. Calm down.” – Dave Ramsey


“This existential crisis that is happening in people's spirits is causing a whole bunch of folks in America, regardless of their age, to do some really dumb things that's going to cost them and set them back a decade.”  Dave Ramsey

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