World champion Mark Selby joins us to talk glory, legacy and 'hurtful' Bingham criticism

It's the last episode of series three of The Break and we were delighted to be joined by the newly crowned champion of the world, Mark Selby!

It's been a remarkable 17 days at The Crucible and Selby joins Andy Goldstein for an in-depth chat about his fourth world title, some of the most significant moments along the way, and how many more titles he might be targeting by the end of his career...

Selby also revealed he was hurt by Stuart Bingham's comments accusing him of "gamesmanship" after their semi-final and addressed the re-spot controversy from the final, saying he was unaware at the time that the cue ball was not in the correct position during the 20th frame as he escaped a snooker.

Finally, Selby shows off the trophy to Andy and reveals that a replica from his first world title wasn't quite as impressive...

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