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This episode of The Big Chat is proudly sponsored by Humor Street Art.

In this episode of The Big Chat Castlemas Takeover, Nicole talks to Beyond Repair Entertainment whilst they are in costume as the Lion King Tribute in between performances here at Castlemas! Jane, the founder of Beyond Repair Entertainment shares how the company was born and also how much of a joy it is to be back doing what everyone loves. Many of the amazing performers wear multiple hats within the company and are not just performers but for example, work doing the marketing as well! Nicole chats with the group about how long costumes, makeup and hair takes and you will not believe the time these fantastic looks can be achieved in!

Castlemas 2021 is a 10 day event at Tonbridge Castle running from 10th – 19th December. There’s Mistletoe Town where you can do some shopping, Santa’s Grotto, Jingle Bell Bar, Santa’s Workshop and of course the Igloo Theatre where you can watch live performances!

We would also like to thank Bod and Ted for Nicole’s gorgeous dress! Visit

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