Texting Tutor - PT 2: If We Mess This Up, This Nanny Will Lose Her Job!

You like them. You had a connection. But you just don’t KNOW how to take it to the next level…especially if you’re not the kind of forward person who wants to ask the them out, or if you’re scared of rejection. So sometimes, you just need a little help scoring that date – and that’s where we come in!

Or maybe you have a really, really difficult situation you don’t know how to navigate. You need to kick someone out of a wedding. You need to break some bad news to a family member. You gotta go head-to-head with your sibling over family drama. You have to tell the person you’re dating that there’s someone else…WE GOT YOU

Amanda is a nanny for a very demanding family. With the holidays coming up, she wants to spend time with her family, but she just found out the family she works for expects her to go on vacation with them.

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