The Bendigo Bank life coach podcast

by Bendigo Bank

Imagine if they actually taught us financial literacy in school. Well, they didn’t.

So instead, imagine if you could get that basic primer in all things personal finance right now without the textbooks or imminent threat of a lunchtime dacking. Actually don’t imagine that because it’s a reality. And a podcast.

Ex-accountant and current comedian, Suren Jayemanne guides us through a bunch of real world, practical tips from our finance-y experts with all the panache that dual profession affords him. Which is surprisingly a lot.

All the basics are covered, like how to actually make yourself save, how to face up to your debt and why the Wu Tang Clan told us to

diversify our bonds (spoiler alert- we teach you how to start investing).

We deep dive into the psychology of money, find out how to be prepared for an uncertain future, and even get in to the nitty gritty of why nobody should be counting themselves out when it comes to owning a house – even people who thought it would be smart to ditch accounting for comedy.

Welcome to the Bendigo Bank Life Coach podcast, with your host Suren Jayemanne. Teaching you the dollary doo’s and don’ts of personal finance that they should have taught us at school.

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