2. True Edge

Previously: Journalist Nathaniel Mist arrives at Newgate Prison to interview Anne Bonny and Mary Read for the book he is co-writing with Jonathan Barnet, the privateer who captured the pirates' ship Revenge. Unexpectedly, Barnet decides not to visit the pirates, and the two agree to meet at King's Coffee House later that night. Mist discovers that Read is ill with a fever, so he turns his attention to Bonny. After much clashing, Bonny declares that she will only tell her story if Mist passes letters between her and Read. He reluctantly agrees. She begins with her early life - growing up a bastard child in a cruel house, and running away at an early age with her new husband John Bonny to the pirate stronghold Nassau. She also tells Mist of Read's time in the British army, where she went by 'Mark Read', and her ensuing love for fellow soldier, Daniel.

In this episode: Their deal now struck, Anne Bonny tells Nathaniel Mist of her arrival in Nassau, where she leaves her double-crossing husband and joins Jack Rackham's crew. When raiding an English passenger ship, they take a new recruit: an enigmatic soldier who calls himself 'Mark Read'. Meanwhile, Mist finds himself trapped in another deal with Jonathan Barnet, who asks him to probe the pirates for details about Rackham's buried treasure.

Featuring Christina Bianco as Anne Bonny, Sooz Kempner as Mary Read, Karl Queensborough as Nathaniel Mist, Le Gateau Chocolat as Capt Jack Rackham, John Henry Falle as Jonathan Barnet, Dominic Brewer as John Bonny and additional voices, Laurence Owen as Captain Graham, the Old Man, Wilkins, Daniel and additional voices, Madame Magenta as Moll King, Hayley Evenett as Bob, Helen Fullerton as the Landlady, and Ivan Wilkinson as Thomas and additional voices. Further additional voices by Lindsay Sharman. 

Produced by Long Cat Media.

Episode 3 is released on May 13th.

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