5. Redoublement

Previously: Bob appears to Mist in a dream, and shows him the capture of The Revenge by pirate-turned-privateer Jonathan Barnet. Anne and Read fight to the last, Bob is shot in battle, and dies in Mist’s arms. Mist then awakes, incarcerated in Barnet’s house, where a raging Barnet tells him that he is planning to torture Anne and Read for the location of Rackham’s treasure - but, Scratby insists, only after 4 o’clock tomorrow, as the pirates are scheduled to be visited by a high-paying baroness. Barnet then makes Mist a fugitive by exposing treasonous documents collected from his lodgings. Mist is then rescued from captivity by Bess, who helps him escape through Barnet’s window, and hides him at her gaff. Meanwhile, Anne hoodwinks a well-meaning turnkey into delivering a coded letter to Mist that outlines her plan to escape Newgate, with Read at her side...

In this episode: It’s prison break time, you slubberdegullions.

Featuring Christina Bianco as Anne Bonny, Sooz Kempner as Mary Read, Karl Queensborough as Nathaniel Mist, John Henry Falle as Jonathan Barnet, Carole Stennett as Bess the Ballad Singer, Laurence Owen as Pippin, the Musician, the MP, Turnkey Peters and additional voices, Hayley Evenett as Bob and Henrietta, James Ducker as Turnkey Scratby, Lindsay Sharman as the Baroness, the Midwife and additional voices, and Ivan Wilkinson as Turnkey Gregory. Further additional voices by Dominic Brewer and Helen Fullerton. 

Produced by Long Cat Media. Artwork by Rebecca Pitt. Sensitivity Reading by Ray Stoeve.

Episode 4 is released on May 27th.

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