Make Cake Not Covid

2020 is saved ladies and gentlemen! The greatest TV show to ever grace our proud nation here in the UK, is back on our screens for an 11th series and despite the challenges, didn't they do a marvellous job! We've got 12 brand new bakers to get to know and even a new presenter in Matt Lucas who got off to a flyer looking like he'd been there for years.

The traditional opening week of Cake didn't disappoint, there seems to be some tremendous talent on show and well, some less so judging from the opening week, but nevertheless we could have watched them make a cupcake and we'd have been happy, so glad are we that the show is back.

Josh, Jane and Howard recorded this podcast remotely and they'd like your questions and comments as always to keep us going in the new series. Hit us up at and we'll read out your comments on the upcoming episodes.

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