Twenty crimps on your pasty

Pastry Week started off with a challenge to make Cornish Pasties, which put the pressure on poor Marc, because he lives in Cornwall, so therefore apparently his was expected to be much better than everyone else's! Paul even asked how many crimps they should have, but then wasn't quite sure himself! The technical challenge saw them tasked with making an eclair and for all we know Linda is still working up her 864th batch of choux pastry. Finally the showstopper saw the bakers make a caged tart before Paul and Prue handed over a 5th different star baker of the series whilst we were left with only seven bakers in the tent.

Josh, Jane and Howard were joined by the brilliant Dan Beasley Harling once more - as we recorded this podcast remotely via Zoom. We'd like your questions and comments to keep us going in the new series. Hit us up at and we'll read out your comments on the upcoming episodes.

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