Help with Meltdowns and Emotional Outbursts (Feat. Angela Gotz and Jessie Ragnio) S4E11

I get so many questions about Mightier and today I'm talking to Angela Gotz, a Mom to 2 autistic kiddos, who's been using Mightier for a couple of years. I talk about her life and experience as an autism parent and how Mightier has impacted their lives. Then I speak with Jessie Ragnio, the Associate Clinical Director at MIghiter. We talk about the science behind Mightier and why it works so well. This is a great resource for anyone interested in trying Mightier out in their home.

About Mightier: Mightier is a video game platform based on the science of biofeedback. It's tested and proven by Harvard Medical and Boston Children's Hospital to help kids learn to emotionally self-regulate. In other words, kids learn to recognize and manage their emotions while playing really fun video games.

Currently, Mightier is giving away a FREE android tablet with each subscription.

You can read my full review of Mightier (here)

You can purchase Mightier for yourself by clicking (here)

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