There's no such thing as leadership w/Dr. Tracey Jones

Are you still trying to discover the best version of yourself to serve your ideal audience? Are you looking to be a leader in your marketplace but not sure exactly how to get there? Do want to be in a leadership role but can’t attract the right following?

Well then you’re probably wondering if there is a better mousetrap for getting into the type of leadership role you desire.

Well, I got a gal, Dr. Tracey Jones who ironically says there is no such thing as Leadership! Great twist but let her break down her method of how to become The Goto Leader in your field.

You'll discover:

~How to diffuse the traditional leadership roles so you can become the best of who you are...and still lead!

~How to deal with any crisis and turn it into an opportunity.

~Why it’s important to know the importance of followership as the way going forward.

Many keynote speakers can be entertaining but Tracey brings a unique approach to motivation that includes the call to action, complete with tools you can put to immediate use. Tracey is able to address the root issue you need targeted and jumpstart the transformation you need to become tremendous.

Author, speaker, Air Force Academy graduate, decorated Veteran, international leadership expert, scholar, and researcher, Tracey C. Jones is the President of Tremendous Leadership. She has released, Beyond Tremendous: Raising the Bar on Life, to help others move beyond the ordinary to generate their best identity in a message to millennials, encouraging the next generation of leaders by teaching the importance of followership.

Her latest book, Spark: Five Essentials to Igniting the Greatness Within includes her doctoral research and is currently available for pre-order at:


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