Small Businesses can beat The IRS w/Charles J Read

Are you building a business but your payroll tax management is sketchy at best? Are you confused on how to handle your payroll deductions for your business? Do you want some great ways to work through your payroll taxes?

Well then you’re probably wondering if there are some quick tips to help you today with dealing with your taxes NOW!

Well, no worries. I got mister Charles J Read who is coming to the virtual stage to help you beat the IRS at their own game.

You'll discover:

~How to setup your payroll taxes from scracth!

~How to fix your payroll if you’ve already started and get it back on track.

~Why payroll taxes do not have to be a scary place when you’re building your business.

Charles J Read is the President/CEO of GetPayroll and author of “The Payroll Book: A Guide for Small Businesses and Startups”. His mission is to guide small business owners through the complete payroll process, even if they’re setting up payroll and payroll taxes for the first time.

Charles has appeared on Fox Business, Business News Daily and Dallas Innovates. He is certified public accountant and U.S. Tax Court Practitioneris, member of the Internal Revenue Service Advisory Council (IRSAC), former U.S. Marine Corps Sergeant and on the board of many other organizations.


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