Why Rethinking Dieting is Always Good w/Alan Thomas

I got Allen Thomas on the virtual stage today to show you his life experience of weight loss and how he’s helped so many have the same experience without the usual diet drag down.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

~How losing the weight can boost confidence

~How weight loss can become the catalyst of changing anything in your life

~Why it’s hard to lose the weight with so many different methods out there

Don’t miss this event if you truly want to get your creative business into full-time status!

Allen Thomas is an author, a blogger, coach. He is the founder of Transform My Future and Rethink Dieting Podcast. He currently helps enrich others in the fight against obesity in the Rethink Dieting FaceBook community. He leads not only be example but true experience. Allens goal is help enough clients to lose 1 billion pounds!



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