How to build your company faster, with values and principles leadership w/Ezra Chapman

Are you still stuck trying to build business faster? Is your dream business going slower than you thought it would? Do you want a way to get past that same hurdle that keeps kicking your butt?

Well then you’re probably wondering if there is a path to get over your business going at a much faster pace...a pace that aligns with your

Well, I got a guy, Ezra Chapman, who is going to show you how you can build your company faster than you ever imagined possible.

You'll discover:

~The absolute components you need to scale your company from the startup phase or you’ll have trouble going uphill.

~What investors need to see in order to drop money into your company and brand.

~How to build and lead a company so that everyone is driven to fulfill and exceed expectations on the stat chart.

Don't miss this show that will show you the exact steps you need to grow your business at a faster clip than you ever thought possible.

Ezra Chapman is a UK based entrepreneur / executive with a long history of building companies across industries. He is a chief executive, chairman and an investor and also became incredibly skilled with people management and all of the aspects of building a successful business.

He can speak extensively on things like, entreprenuership, building companies and leadership, internationally and across multiple sectors.

He has an impressive history in business leadership - he founded and built the largest niche (single technology) recruitment company in the world, his first major r company he founded when 22 was in the Top 100 Fastest growing companies in the UK for 5 consecutive years, he has had 3 different companies he founded were in Top 100 employers in the UK.

Chapman is also a partner in the UKs leading Fintech business that won Her Majesty the Queens award for Enterprise Innovation. He is also the chairman of the Number 1 rated recruitment company on Trust pilot, and many of his companies were the high profile winners of multiple technology and innovation awards.

Additionally, he speaks on entrepreneurship and building companies, value and Principle driven leadership, and what he has learned about sales and hiring, with a focus on Education / Recruitment and Technology” Recently, as a new father to a one year old, he has turned his thoughts to education, how we teach our children and how we can do better - his recent endevaour, Lifewise.


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