The Unexpected Benefits of Claiming Your Perfect(ion) w/De'Nicea Hilton

Is your perfectionist ways killing your business growth? Are you staying with marketing your company because it’s YOU FEEL it’s not ready yet? Do you want to be somewhat detailed but still make your business function at a high scale?

Well then you’re probably asking if there is a happy medium to marry your perfect patterns with your business and still make it work!

Well, I think we can help you with that. I got gurl, De’Nicea Hilton coming to the virtual stage to help you manage your perfect self to still make an impact on your ideal clients.

You'll discover:

~How to own your perfectionism and still build a brand with impact

~How to be clear the NOISE so that you realize there is no need to be perfect

~Why wanting to be perfect and can actually be a benefit to what you want to acheive

Don’t miss this show if you’re still struggling and by default, your business is struggling because it can’t get past your PERFECT PROCESS! Watch now or listen later to make this a thing of the past for you.

De’Nicea Hilton brings a playful, holistic perspective to Healing and Well-Being, where women realize the possibilities available to them as she clears the noise making way for her true Being to come out.

So now, De’Nicea’s on a mission of mitigating Women’s health experiences by creating Playful Healing Spaces for Women to Embrace, Embody and Express Her Perfect Authentic Self.

Bridging her expertise in holistic and integrative approaches as a Holistic Well-Being Consultant and Doctor of Eastern Medicine, De’Nicea guides women online to use PLAY to realize their potential by experiencing “Serious Healing That Doesn’t Have to be So Serious” in her signature UnSlumber Party Day Retreats, PlayGroup Mentorship and I Am Perfect! Academy Membership.

She is the author of upcoming book, “I Am Perfect! Your Z-A Playbook to Embrace, Embody and Express Your Perfect Authentic Self” and founded The Perfect PlayGround, a community for women who desire to be amongst others who celebrate and encourage her along the way in her Perfect Healing Journey.

While playing in the Perfect PlayGround, women EXPLORE the holistic, purposeful meaning of her physical symptoms/conditions, EXPERIENCE the possibilities already available to support her Being in her purpose and EVOLVE into her greater potential when aligning her Spirit, Mind and Body.

She comes to the point where she confidently stands and claims, “I Am Perfect!”...and mean it!

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