Clare Press

This week we Kirsty had a great conversation with the extraordinary Clare Press from Wardrobe Crisis. Clare is also the Sustainability Editor of Vogue Australia and an incredible author among many other talents.

In this episode we:

● Talk about fashion and the effect that our insatiable desire for fast fashion has on our planet;

● Highlight some of the alarming statistics around fashion and the environment;

● Discuss the idea of a shopping detox and the unexpected benefits

● Dream and hope for a more ethical and sustainable future for fashion

We hope from this conversation we all learn something and puts a smile on your face.

Things mentioned in this episode and other helpful links:

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Clare Press

● Clare's books, Wardrobe Crisis & Rise & Resist

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Wardrobe #2 Episode

Women Against Waste Episode

UK Parliaments' Fixing Fashion Report

GuppyFriend Bag

● Thank you again to Clare Press!!.

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