Expo Interviews

This week we are really excited to be bringing you a special episode of our podcast. It is our first ever live recording, we recorded it at the Simplified Living and Lifestyle Expo in Sydney in September 2018. We had a stand where we invited people to interviewed by us about decluttering and organising in their homes. What you will notice is this episode has lots of background noise as it was a fun and exciting expo to be involved in and the podcast is a fun experiment. This episode is also a lot longer than normal so you can enjoy us all for longer this week. A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who came to visit us at the expo and particularly those who were vulnerable enough to give us a window into their lives via the interviews. As always we hope you have a giggle with us and enjoy the conversation!

This week’s episode is sponsored by Professional Organiser Training by Angela Esnouf from The Professional Organiser’s Edge.

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